Paediatric Ophthalmology


Kids are not smaller than usual grown-ups. Their eyes, visual needs, and disorders are completely not the same as from those of grown-ups. Since they are quickly developing, and are yet to build up a completely full-grown eye-brain coordination, issue of vision in kids require extraordinary consideration and special focus. This is the reason pediatric ophthalmology has advanced as a particular order, and to be sure a subspecialty in ophthalmology.

The pediatric ophthalmologist is in charge of dealing with the visual consideration needs of the youngsters and guaranteeing a legitimate visual advancement in regards to both capacity and structure (including cosmesis). If your child is suffering from any eye disease please visit Om Eye and Heart Care located in Viman NagarVishrantwadi, Pune. We provide you the best Child Eye Doctor in Pune.

How is the Eye of the child different?

Just as a particular doctor is required for your child’s general health, even the eyes of a child need specialist care. It is because the considerations in terms of eye care are entirely different from those in adults. The reasons for this are as follows:

  •  The Brain- eye associations are not completely made, so any hardship of vision in early childhood, in the event, that it stays uncorrected, can result in lethargic eye or amblyopia. These imply that the visual capability of the kid ends up restricted, and even proper corrective remedial glasses can’t help in later assistance. Amblyopia treatment is basic in the early long periods of life.
  • The inherent inconsistencies or clutters of development appear in the early periods of life. These can run for refractive mistakes which only require corrective glasses, to squint or misalignment of eyes, congenital nasolacrimal duct block, ptosis or lid droop, and even glaucoma and cataract
  • Infants who are brought into the world premature, of low birth weight or who have a delayed turbulent remain in the infant nursery, are in danger for a sickness called Retinopathy of Prematurity, RoP. RoP is conceivably vision compromising and should be screened for in this high-chance.
  • In settings of ailing health, youngsters are vulnerable to Vitamin A lack, and its specialist eye issues including dry eye, corneal ulcers, and even visual deficiency. Fussy and picky eaters may likewise once in a while be insufficient in certain micronutrients in spite of being solid and all around nourished something else.
  • Children, because of their active lifestyle and playing outdoors are more prone to eye allergies and trauma.
  • Children, on account of their dynamic way of life and playing outside are progressively inclined to eye hypersensitivities and trauma.
  • TV seeing, expanded screen time and computer games have given rise to a specific arrangement of worries in this age group.
  • There is a lot of eye tumors and malignancies that are normal of earliest stages and youth like retinoblastoma.

What are the symptoms and signs of eye problems in children?

  • Any squint or misalignment of the eyes
  • Reading disability and problem in school in copying what is written on the board could be an indication of poor vision
  • Reading inability and issue in school in replicating what is composed on the board could be a sign of poor vision
  • Any frequent headaches, eye scouring, red eye, repetitive eye contaminations and watering from eyes
  • Any family ancestry of eye issue including the requirement for glasses (refractive blunders), can be passed starting with one age then onto the next and must be assessed at an early stage throughout everyday life.

    Which is best hospital in Pune for eye care in children?

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